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A Real Desire is  Non-Profit, 501c3 Organization geared toward helping people in the community by assisting those who possess "A Real Desire" to be successful and succeed.

Whether you’d like us to assist you with talent for your event, or have us create and plan your event, a simple call is all it takes. Stay connected with what's happening with the organization as we stay connect with the community.

Events & Services


We strive to leave our mark. We strive to leave a lasting, yet positive impression everywhere we go.  Keep an eye on our Footprints as we create a path for others to follow. You can also find some of our supporters stepping with us. Become one of them today.

Tamika Allen-Doaks

Janea Smith (Model/Mother)

Felicitee Love of Be 100 Radio

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Our Latest Works

Photography By: Matthew Carter

Do You Have It?!

Akbar Sanders (Dancer/Choreographer)